When Christmas rolled around, so did a bundle of inspiration.

Kris Kringle

I am fascinated by the True Myth (an oxymoron, but I’m a believer) of the old Dutch woodsman who became a toy-maker to delight the children of his village.

Precisely how the transformation into Saint Nicholas happened is a subject for novelists and movie-makers.

My purpose is to envision the man with the original inspiration–because he inspires me.

Rainbow Unicorn

A request by my son–could I paint something for his little girl as a Christmas present?

Seven years old.

Loves unicorns.

Loves rainbows.

I decided to combine the two loves of the little blonde girl (and somehow the RAINBOW UNICORN also looks a little bit like her.)

Feel free to ask for your own unicorn–or whatever you love.

Fantasy Morning

(Christmas Day)

The feel of Christmas morning is like a fantasy. So much joy. So much delight. The Great Christmas Spirit sweeps through, filling all souls with anticipation. The children ricochet around the room and the parents pretend they’re not just as thrilled. The joy of giving threatens to exceed the joy of receiving.

And then…the Mighty Wind rushes away, leaving us to gaze into each other’s eyes, saying, “Can you believe Christmas is over??”

Until next year…

Justin & Angel

My filmmaker son lives in Shanghai, China, with his beautiful, intelligent, loving and entrepreneurial wife, Angel. They have two young sons–fine fellows, both.

The duo sent a photo our way in late November. I decided to make a painting of them, trying to capture the breezy, joyous feel of the photo.

My Christmas present for Justin and Angel.

I do not paint to reproduce. The question I always ask myself during any painting is, how does it make me feel?

In this case, the answer is easy.

It feels like love.

How to order a Clazzy painting of your loved one

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Well, you get the idea.

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